Vanna Nicolotti




Vanna Nicolotti (b. 1929, Novara, Italy) attended the Brera Artistic Academy and Academy under the guidance of Achille Funi and Mauro Reggiani. Since 1959 she has been part of D'Ars Agency in Milan, and is one of the founders of D’ARS, the oldest contemporary art magazine in Italy that’s still regularly published.

She began her three-dimensional research taking after Lucio Fontana, exhibiting in London in 1964. Her work embodies a "Sensitive Geometry" (series of Mandala and the Doors), theorized by Brazilian critic Roberto Pontual. Since the end of the 1960's her attention has moved more towards optical and conceptual experimentation. 

Since 1976, she’s been part of the Arte/ Genetica Movement founded in Lecce by Francesco Saverio Dodaro and since 1979 has participated in various Art Fairs, exhibitions and collections including Vicente Aguilera Cerni Museum, Villafames Castellon (Spain); Statford College, Danville (USA); Frank V. De Bellis Collection, State University, San Francisco (USA); Museum of Contemporary Art, Ibiza (Spain).