Sara Campesan




Sara Campesan (b. 1924, Mestre, Italy – d. 2016, Mestre, Italy) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and started her professional career in 1951. In 1964 she joined a group called "Dialettica delle Tendenze" and "Set di Numero" in Florence. In 1965 her works were mostly modular structures with dynamic forms but later in 1967 she focued on color, light and movement. She was a founding member of "Verify 8 + 1" center in Mestre. In 2009 she took part in the exhibition "Venezia salva / Omaggio a Simone Weil" in Venice. She's had many exhibitions in Milan, Ferrara, Verona, Vicenza, actively taking part in the artistic life of Italy. She died in 2001 in Mestre.