Mark Chearavanont - "Stranger" September 6 - 19, 2015





"Stranger" is a black and white photography project done by Mark Chearavanont. Nothing can compares to the magic of a black and white photos. They are classic and compelling.

100% of the proceeds of sales go to fund the scholarship for the students at Kasangula Talent School in the district of Mityana, Uganda.

Mark Chearavanont is a senior at St. Paul's School in Concord, NH. He loves art and art history and has involved in many charity activities. This is his 1st solo show to raise money for student's education.

With my camera in hand, I cast away my identity to free myself of expressive constraints and become the Stranger. The Stranger is the protagonist of this film noir; his story is captured in fragments through each photograph he takes. I expect my viewers to immerse themselves in the pictures, creating their own story as they follow the footprints that the photographs leave behind. My aim is to ultimately transport my audience into this film allowing them to experience the narrative first hand albeit through their own lenses.


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