Lucia Pescador




Lucia Pescador (b. 1943, Voghera, Italy) graduated from The Accademia di Brera in Milan, under the guidance of Prof. Usellini. Pescador's works often deal with themes tied to nature, consisting of drawings and watercolors executed on paper. Since 1985 she has worked with her left hand only, although she is not left-handed. A set of her drawings, which varied in size and were dedicated to Kazimir Malevich, were exhibited in 1992 at the Refectory of the Stelline in Milan in a show curated by Lea Vergine, which documented her past decade’s work. At the end of 1992, Pescador began to compile her end-of-century “Inventory Using Her Left Hand to Draw Images of Our Century” on found paper shown below. Pescador currently lives and works in Milan.