Cesare Berlingeri




Cesare Berlingeri (b. 1948, Cittanova, Italy) is an Italian contemporary artist mostly known for his folded paintings. He started painting at a very young age, and in the 1970s in Rome, he worked for the theater and television as a set and costume designer. He held his first personal exhibition in Florence in 1975, at the AxA gallery, and in 1978 he had his first personal show in Rome at the Soligo Gallery. He presented his folded paintings to the public in 1990, after meeting Tommaso Trini at the personal exhibition Recent Works. These folded canvases were drenched in pure pigment, an idea he started in 1976. They were referred to as Piegature, an homage which comes from a childhood memory in which a small matte black cloth was worn by his mother around her neck as an amulet. In 2014, the National Gallery of Palazzo Arnone, in Cosenza, organized an important personal show entitled Compenetration, for which the artist designed his installation in relation to the works of several great masters of the 17th century. He lives and works in Taurianova, Reggio Calabria, Italy.