Armondo Marrocco




Armando Marrocco (b. 1939, Galatina, Lecce, Italy) began his early career as an apprentice in some artisan shops where he was fascinated by the manual skills and various materials involved. He was inspired by the interweaving of simple materials like wood, white corrugated cardboard, canvas, etc. In the late '50s and early' 60s the artist developed the series Bianco Mediterraneo , informal works that reveal a special attention to the role of matter and materials, often assembled together. 
Marrocco revealed an interest in environmental installations and performance art as well, experimenting with body language (Environment Man , Earth, Sky, Sea, Man) alongside other forms of communication ( Sconcerto ). The turning point in his artistic life took place at the end of 1962, when he took Lucio Fontana's advice to move to Milan, a city full of artistic flourishing. He began exhibiting at some of the most renowned Milanese galleries and came into contact with Pierre Restany, founder of Nouveau Réalisme. From this moment he began to exhibit at a large number of institutions, including the 2010 Venice Biennale.