"Movement of Rigorismo"

By Dadamaino, Angelo Brescianini, Cesare Berlingeri, Gianfranco Migliozzi

May 3 - 28, 2016


Transpazialismo the horizon and beyond  experience, passion and courage are definitely the starting point to explore the how and why we came to this event. For years, we treat artists such as Lucio Fontana, who had intuitions, opened roads and changed the way of conceiving the canvas, the color and art in general. By working with an artist of this caliber we were able to deepen its modus operandi, get inside his head and understand the deeper reasons for the choices made. Hence the idea: to present the works of other artists who have been inspired by this great master who has done and continues to do the history of the twentieth century. Ideas flowing from the ideas, figures and solutions for rework and deepen them according to personal sensibility that only an artist can confront these names may have. Personality so different and distant common the almost obsessive search for perfection and simplicity: the desire to "be talked about" the canvas, to emphasize the relationship between space and color in a more linear manner but substantial of the term are therefore the fill rouge of the Movement of rigor. They came to a penalty such that should not take away anything: the work speaks of itself, by itself, for itself. No need for explanations or unnecessary beating around the bush: the formal accuracy is unquestionable reflection of substantial purity of their work. This search for simplicity, linked to the passion that induces these artists to experiment, to test and continually confronted with soaring models, is the strong and constant stimulus that pushes them to overcome themselves and their own limits. Intellectual depth and solid philosophical conception underlying all that, it could be argued that this is a new beginning, which is inspired by the rigor of the forms and the relationship with space, from here rigor. Choices and dictates that does not preclude the artist's ego explosion that worked there. In their works in fact there is no trace of seriality, cold running or stiffness, but stand out in the eyes of the different sensibilities of the artists and the facets of their personality. The form is folded and modeled on a precise idea, which manifests itself in different ways depending upon the hand that has created: the charm of the penalty takers artists lies in this, to find out how each of them, behind the folds of his canvas, behind the protrusions and recesses, behind the color or no color, find himself and his emotions.

written by Flavio Lattuada  







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